Crisis Communications

When bad things happen to good companies or individuals, those in crisis can either break out the rosary beads and hope the problems go away or call upon a company known for effective crisis communications at light speed using the weapons of mass communication. Rose + Allyn is staffed by team members with relationships in government and media to make sure crises are resolved quickly and fairly.

"Break Glass in Emergency" Rose Allyn PR

Crisis Communications In Action

  • Rose + Allyn helped a local real estate company fend off bad publicity after a part-time employee made a series of bizarre statements on social media. Rose + Allyn not only minimized negative publicity it also temporarily manned the phones at the company’s headquarters to act as front-line defenders of the company’s well-deserved stellar reputation.
  • Following the pandemic, a food service provider at Sky Harbor was the victim of unfounded accusations from a labor union not content to take yes for an answer. The union was committed to making headlines with picket lines despite the company offering what the workers had asked for. Rose + Allyn scrambled to set the record straight ensuring that every unfounded accusation was answered and answered immediately.
  • The recent death of the CEO of another real estate firm saw Rose + Allyn step in to handle sensitive media relations for a grieving company. We facilitated messaging and media responses giving the company the needed space to deal with the loss.

These are just a few of dozens of examples. Contact us to learn how we can help you with Crisis Communication.

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