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Brass knucles. PR with a punchThe easiest way for us to explain our public relations & public affairs services is to explain why you’d need them:

  • You want to win
  • You need a bigger fan club
  • You have a good idea
  • You deserve publicity
  • You need a sixth gear
  • You need to roar
  • You want to scream without raising your voice
  • You need the best in the public relations business

Our record of success goes back to 1996 when Rose + Allyn was founded.  Our organizational structure is simple. We have the most skilled, experienced, talented, intelligent and all-around capable people working directly with you.

Our vast current and previous client base of nearly 500 companies and causes includes the Colorado River Indian Tribes, the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, and businesses seeking to protect the Grand Canyon area from irresponsible development. We have effectively represented the solar energy industry in Arizona. We have been entrusted to represent such iconic Arizona entities such as the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. We successfully worked with Republic Services, a Fortune 300 Company, to build public support for a landfill, not an easy thing to do. Simply put: The best and biggest brands entrust us when their business is on the line.

Beyond public relations, public affairs, crisis communications, and political consulting, we also provide extensive event planning services. Our firm owns and operates the largest single day polo event in the United States, The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships. We even produce award winning musicals Off Broadway, in New York City.

Our team is made up of individuals with very diverse skill sets including but not limited to public relations, public policy, public engagement, event planning, social media, earned media, audio and video production, and government relations.

It’s this combination of skills that makes us unique. We are fluent in the language of public relations, public affairs, politics, and event planning just to name a few.

Below is a partial list of the services we can provide.

We have been involved in public policy since 1996. Any advice provided is backed by more than two decades of experience in serving elected leaders, renowned businesses leaders, iconic Arizona brands, charitable organizations and governing bodies.

  • We have created and maintained dozens of social media accounts and conducted social media ad campaigns for more than 12 years.
  • We have assisted countless clients and events in branding and messaging to increase business and expand customer bases.
  • We excel in advocacy and the research needed to find the right organizations to advance a cause as well as crafting targeted messages.
  • We have worked with clients to create countless successful websites and operate a number of our own for various projects.
  • We are fluent in the language of crisis communication and rapid response when seconds count.
  • Traditional media is built into our DNA. We have two former journalists on staff; a veteran TV reporter, and a radio news director.
  • Our news releases are written by former reporters fluent in the language of newsrooms and our recipient lists are crafted for both broad outreach and targeted media members as needed.
  • Our brochures have been sent to nearly every mailbox in Arizona over the years as we have represented scores of candidates and causes all over Arizona. We understand the right message is only half the battle. It’s making sure these brochures arrive in the right mailboxes.
  • You will not find a firm more experienced in public events. Rose + Allyn owns and operates The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, which is the largest single day polo event in the United States. We stage the largest Wiffleball event in the Southwest, and the largest Kentucky Derby Party in Arizona. We staged a rally in support of solar energy outside the Arizona Corporation Commission described by the Arizona Capitol Times as one of the largest rallies in state history involving that governing body. We have a professional event planner on staff and can be part of or create client events large and small.
  • We are also fluent in digital public events on platforms such as Zoom and Facebook and have organized several teleconferences with government leaders and tourism leaders in Scottsdale in response to the Coronavirus crisis.
  • Rose + Allyn Public Relations is constantly innovating and exploring all methods of media types and channels, both traditional and non-traditional such as direct text messaging or airplane banners.

There is no heinous hierarchy for you to maneuver. No torturous organizational chart that resembles a prehistoric spider. No first-job-out-of-college account executives. You have us, the top professionals in the business. We are fresh. We are different. We deliver new talent, with a new approach and a new energy that is effective and electrifying. We do this via our staff of accomplished executives. Emmy-award winning journalists, well-regarded news producers, online savants and even celebrity-infused event planners.

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